Internist? Second Opinion?
We are committed to providing adult patients with compassionate, comprehensive health care that exceeds expectations.


At Urgent Care Aruba (UCA), we offer internal medicine services without lengthy waiting times or confined schedules.

If you need a general check-up, physical or want to discuss something with knowledgeable certified internists, then call us today.

Internal Medicine Services

Specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of a full spectrum of diseases and conditions while emphasizing preventive medicine, risk reduction, and overall wellness.

We recognize that unanticipated healthcare needs arise, therefore we can accommodate same-day appointments. 

Our goal is to provide the highest level of personalize care that ensures your lifelong health and well-being.

Treatment and Services

  • Adult Screening/ Physical Exams:
    Been a while since you received a physical? Do you suffer from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other common adult health concerns? We monitor and test heart rates, blood pressure, cholesterol, and numerous other important attributes.
  • Travel Health Services:
    Comprehensive evaluation prior to and following foreign travel can be essential to good health. Our internists develop personalized treatment plans that may include vaccinations and other preventative measures to avoid illness. If needed, care can be coordinated with specialists from the fields of gastroenterology and infectious disease.
  • Disorders of the Adrenal and Pituitary Glands:
    Cushing disease and hypercortisolism, hypo and hyperaldosteronism, pituitary tumors (micro and macroadenomas, acromegaly.
  • Bone and Mineral Metabolism:
    Osteopenia and osteoporosis, hypo and hyperparathyroidism, and measurement of bone density
  • Thyroid Disease:
    Assessment and management of hyperthyroidism, evaluation and treatment of hypothyroidism, diagnosis of thyroiditis, nodules and cancer.
  • Full Hormone Testing:
    Perform a complete endocrinologic workup to determine a patient’s proper hormonal balance. If hormones are not stable, recommendations for restoring hormonal balance can be made.
  • Women’s Health:
    Our internists understand that most women wish to receive health care from physicians who are experts in women’s health issues. Concerns regarding breast cancer, menopause, osteoporosis, hormone replacement, birth control, and heart disease are focal points for our physicians.
  • Allergy, Asthma and Immunology:
    Allergic disorders are among the most chronic conditions worldwide. Common disorders include allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema, food allergies and hives. Allergy symptoms can range from mild irritation to severe attacks or life threatening reactions. For those patients, early diagnosis and identification of triggers are the first steps to a successful treatment strategy in the evaluation of allergic disease.
  • Palliative Care:
    We provide patients with relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of serious illness – whatever the diagnosis and at any stage of the treatment process. In collaboration with the primary healthcare team, a palliative/ supportive care team can help patients and their families understand the nature of their illness and make timely, informed decisions about their care.

COVID-19 Aruba | UCA follows strict protocols to keep patients, team safe and healthy, center clean and sanitary. Patients in need of care, including those who are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 can feel safe visiting for treatment as normal.