Now Offering Virtual treating families in
Noord, Palm Beach, Oranjestad, Santa Cruz, Pos Chiquito, San Nicolas

Virtual Care

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Virtual Care for Kids
Now Available!

Meet Our Pediatric Providers Online within Minutes
Fully-integrated connected platform on the island
From home

Connect to a Pediatrician Within Minutes from the Comfort of Your Own Home


Video visits are easily accessible from your laptop or desktop computer, iPhone, Android phone or tablet.

Open Hours

Telemedicine is available
8am–12am (midnight) every day!​

Benefits Pediatric Telemedicine

The local community and visitors from abroad, can now feel peace of mind knowing that there is access to a pediatric provider virtually in Aruba

Never Leave your Home

We bring the doctor to you, no matter where you live in Aruba or if you are visiting.

Simply, select an on-demand visit or schedule an appointment.

Get a Prescription

Connect to a pediatric provider who can diagnose, treat, and if needed, send your prescription to a local pharmacy.

Pediatric Specialized

All our providers are specialized in pediatrics, because we believe that little patients are a BIG deal.

Open 365 Days a Year

We’re open 7 days/week, including after-hours (8am-12 Midnight Monday-Sunday).

We’re open all holidays and weekends.

Just for Kids

Our pediatricians provide expert medical care for children of all ages up to age 21.


We accept most travel insurance plans as well as offer attractive discounted self-pay rates.

COVID-19 Aruba | UCA follows strict protocols to keep patients, team safe and healthy, center clean and sanitary. Patients in need of care, including those who are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 can feel safe visiting for treatment as normal.