Wellness Screening
Urgent Care Aruba offers annual preventive health screening to local companies, locals, and visitors from abroad.


These packages consist of Clinical Laboratory Testing, Medical Imaging; X-Ray/ Ultrasound-Echo, EKG (Electrocardiogram), Gynecology Evaluation, and Physician Consultation focused on current and past medical history, family risk factors among others, together with a physical evaluation. 

With this new package, it is now possible to perform your health check up on the island instead of going abroad. 

This is a comprehensive integrated package of diagnostic studies and procedures that are performed by a qualified multi-disciplinary team of physicians, specialists, and nurses in one location with results provided in less than 24 hours.

We also offer a sport package for the athletes wanting to keep track of their health during training season to prevent injuries and inflammation, based on a complete Bio-marker’s check. 

This package includes checking your: Energy & Metabolism, Bone & Muscle Health, Oxygen & Performance, Minerals, Complete Blood Count, Strength & Endurance, Brain & Body, Inflammation, as well as Liver Health, Kidney Check, and your Electrolytes.


We believe in the importance of promoting health and creating packages for the well-being of the patient in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

Since the patient will be in fasting, appointments are conducted only in the morning from Monday to Saturday. 

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COVID-19 Aruba | UCA follows strict protocols to keep patients, team safe and healthy, center clean and sanitary. Patients in need of care, including those who are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 can feel safe visiting for treatment as normal.