Prescription Refill

Lost or running out of medications?

We understand that sometimes you may overextend your vacations in Aruba.

For the convenience of patients from abroad, UCA offers prescription refills.

There are different scenarios for tourists visiting our island, to obtain a refill.

  • Medical Consultation (Recommended)
  • Copy of active prescription or signed letter from physician abroad stating your current medications

What you need to know

Q: How much does it cost?
UCA offers a small fixed fee.

Q: Can you bill my insurance?
We accept cash or credit cards, but we do not bill your insurance.

Q: Can you fill a prescription I received from another doctor?
Only if a copy of the prescription is active/ valid and provided.

  • Disclaimer UCA only offers the prescription, for you to obtain your prescribed medication, these should be retrieved at the pharmacy of your choice.